Certified Quality Of Marjoram and Top 5 of Health Benefits.

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September 14, 2020
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Certified Quality Of Marjoram and Top 5 of Health Benefits.

Marjoram scientifically known as Origanum majorana, also called wild oregano or sweet marjoram is an herb that is a member of the mint (Lamiaceae) family. Although closely associated with oregano, marjoram and oregano are two different herbs.

Plant Description

Marjoram is a somewhat cold-sensitive bushy, perennial herb or undershrub that grows as annual.  It is cold sensitive, frost tender aromatic herb that grows up-to 60-75 cm tall. The plant is found growing in field margins, footpaths, rubble walls near fields, farm houses, dry slopes and rocky places, occasionally in partial shade.

Health benefits of Marjoram

Apart from being a tasty culinary herb, marjoram both in its food and oil form has a number of excellent benefits for your health. It consists of numerous healthy minerals and vitamins and has a number of excellent medicinal properties.

1. Heart Health

Marjoram may be extremely beneficial for your cardiovascular health. It is a rich source of antioxidants that can help protect the heart as well as other major organs from disease.

2. Lowers high blood pressure

Studies have found that marjoram is effective in lowering blood pressure without affecting the heart rate. One way it does this is by relaxing the blood vessels so that blood flows through them easily. 

3. Bone health

Regular intake of marjoram is a great way to boost the strength and health of your bones. This amazing herb provides about 520% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, a nutrient that contributes to the development of healthy bones.

4. Diabetes

Nearly 10% of the population of the United States has diabetes and there are no signs that the figure is slowing down.

5. Helps with blood clotting and prevents anemia

Marjoram is an excellent source of vitamin K, which is essential for normal blood clotting to take place. Excessive loss of blood is one of the factors leading to anemia and clotting helps prevent heavy bleeding.

Other Facts

  • Leaves and flowers yield 0.3 – 0.4% essential oil by steam distillation.
  • Called ‘Oil of Sweet Marjoram’, it is used as a food flavoring and in perfumery, soaps, hair products etc.
  • The plant is often used to disinfect bee hives.
  • In manufacturing, the oil is used as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.
  • Marjoram was used during ancient times in the rituals of love.
  • They are attributed protective properties against evil. In love, she increases feelings and attraction towards this person.
  • She gives protection to the house, hanging a few branches in the door of the house.
  • It is used to treat depressions.
  • The people  of  Europe  used  to  rub  the  leaves of  the herb  on  oak  pieces  of  furniture  and  floors  to  get fragrant  glow  over 
  • In aromatherapy, essential oil made from marjoram bolsters the mind and spirit and relieves the feeling of grief and loneliness.
  • Marjoram is often used medicinally in the form of the essential oil, about 400 grams being obtained from 70 kilos of the fresh herb.

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